SeatPeeps were invented to eliminate the need to remove seating from restaurants and bars to comply with reduced capacity requirements.  The vision came from a restaurant equipment and consulting specialist who is part of a family owned restaurant supply company.  We have seen restaurant and bar owners  become overwhelmed with new regulations while also attempting to mitigate apprehensiveness from their guests to dine out.  Enter SeatPeeps.

WHAT ARE SeatPeeps? 

SeatPeeps are custom placeholders that allow operators to easily comply with CDC social distancing guidelines in foodservice establishments while bringing some ambience back in to half empty bars & dining rooms. Each SeatPeep creates a barrier & social distancing between parties, providing a safe and comfortable dining experience. Using SeatPeeps eliminate the need for removing seating from bars & dining rooms and puts the cost of monthly storage fees back in to your pocket.  SeatPeeps also have a coated surface for easy sanitizing and can be customized with your image, brand and style. 

HOW DO SeatPeeps WORK? 

SeatPeeps are simple to set up, allowing operators flexibility in accommodating various party sizes and seating arrangements without the need to remove any seating. Simply place the structure on seats where social distancing is necessary. For added stability, SeatPeeps are equipped with knock-outs so they could be more permanently secured to any seat. When not in use, SeatPeeps easily fold for storage. 

SeatPeeps’ stable 3-sided structure can be used in a variety of settings: indoor and outdoor bar and dining areas, cafés, quick service restaurants, casinos, churches, school cafeterias and food courts. 


SeatPeeps have been developed to function in any type of establishment with variations to fit your needs. 

If you're a large global, national or regional brand, we can create fully customized SeatPeeps featuring your full color custom image and customized branding or co-branding.

If you're a single or multi-location concept, our team will provide a unique way to customize and brand our stock SeatPeeps to fit seamlessly into your environment.   

Interested in creating a custom SeatPeep? Let’s chat! Please reach out to us:  info@seatpeeps.com or call (844) 99PEEPS